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New Analysis Shows E15 Savings for Consumers

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The Renewable Fuels Association has released a new analysis this week ahead of Wednesday’s House Agriculture Committee hearing with EPA Administrator Michael Regan that indicates American drivers have saved an average of more than 25 cents per gallon using E15 fuel over E10 since 2022.

RFA analyzed more than 3,000 actual pump prices for E15 and E10 submitted by drivers to E15prices.com from more than 550 retail gas stations in 30 states between January 2022 and early April 2023. The average of the 1,520 prices reported for E10 was $3.686 per gallon, while the average of the 1,520 corresponding prices for E15 was $3.413 per gallon. Thus, the average discount for E15 was $0.27 per gallon, or 7.4 percent.

“This review of actual pump prices submitted by drivers shows that lower-carbon E15 is providing real savings for American families,” said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. “In nearly half of the price submissions, E15’s discount to E10 was between 15 and 50 cents per gallon. And in some special cases, E15 prices were $1 or more per gallon below the price of E10. At a time when U.S. drivers were facing record-high gas prices, this report confirms that E15 delivered relief at the pump. We urge the Biden administration to carefully review this data as it considers options for allowing the continued sale of E15 this summer.”

In a letter to the Committee accompanying the report, Cooper noted that American families will face higher fuel prices at the pump on June 1 unless swift action is taken to save the lower-cost E15 ethanol blend. “The market conditions that warranted emergency waivers for the 2022 summer driving season still exist today,” Cooper wrote. “In fact, nationwide gasoline inventories are 6 percent lower today than they were at this time a year ago when EPA issued the first emergency waiver. Now more than ever, American families need the economic relief offered by lower-cost, lower-carbon E15. Without swift action by EPA, American families will lose access to the lowest-priced fuel available for most cars on the road beginning June 1.”

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