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Economic Advantages of E15

E15 saves drivers money at the pump

E15 fuels bigger savings at the pump and supports jobs, family farms, and economic growth in hardworking communities across America.

E15 drives competition at the pump and saves money compared to E0 and E10, without sacrificing fuel economy. According to Growth Energy, in the summer of 2022, E15 saved drivers up to nearly a dollar per gallon in some areas, with savings averaging to $0.16 per gallon across the country.

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Driving Competition At The Pump

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Fueling Freedom: E15 Expansion Empowers Consumers with More Options

By expanding access to E15 and ensuring that Americans have the freedom to choose the fuel that’s right for their vehicle and their wallet, we can stimulate competition in the marketplace and effectively lower prices for both E15 and E10. A nationwide shift from E10 to E15 would further yield remarkable annual fuel cost savings of $20.6 billion for Americans.

E15 Emergency Waivers Spark Summer Savings for Drivers

In fact, emergency waivers issued by the Biden administration in 2022 allowed the sale of E15 during the peak summer driving season, resulting in an average savings of $0.30 per gallon for drivers who chose E15, collectively saving American consumers $57 million.

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Growing Our Economy

Shifting from E10 to E15 nationwide would:

  • Support an additional 188,000 jobs
  • Generate $66.3 billion for U.S. GDP
  • Add $36.3 billion in income for Americans
  • Generate an additional $13 billion in federal, state, and local tax revenues
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E15 Supports Jobs, Farms, and Communities across America

Amid global conflicts and market uncertainties, E15 ensures a reliable demand for American grain and reduces our dependence on imported oil from countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia. By transitioning to E15, we can drive the demand for an extra 2 billion bushels of surplus corn annually, providing a boost to family farmers' incomes and reducing the need for unreliable farm subsidies.

Join the drive for America’s Fuel

America’s Fuel is a nationwide community of supporters, suppliers, and experts dedicated to showing the facts, sharing the benefits, and ensuring the freedom to fill up with E15.

Energy Security

E15 boosts our domestic fuel supply and energy independence by displacing imported oil with homegrown, renewable bioethanol made in America’s Heartland.