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America's Fuel

E15 is America’s Fuel

American-made fuel blend with 15% bioethanol

E15 offers immediate solutions and benefits every American: from cutting gas prices at the pump and further reducing our dependence on foreign oil to lowering carbon emissions and improving air quality.

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Get the Facts
About E15

Here's everything you need to get up to speed on America's fuel.

  • E15 is an American-made fuel blend made with 15% bioethanol

    E15 is more than just a high-performance fuel that has earned the trust of American drivers, but it has also created new opportunities for farm families and supported job growth and investments across America's Heartland. In fact, since 2011, E15 has powered NASCAR and drivers across the US have logged more than 100 billion miles on the popular biofuel blend, solidifying its place as "America's Fuel."

  • E15 is approved for most vehicles

    E15 is a versatile fuel that can be used by a wide range of light-duty vehicles manufactured in 2001 and later, including SUVs, pickups, vans, and others. In fact, over 96% of vehicles currently on the road are eligible to use E15. Additionally, many major automakers, including all of the Big Three, now offer explicit warranties for new liquid-fueled vehicles that use E15, giving drivers even more confidence in the fuel's reliability and performance.

  • E15 fuel stations are available across the country

    E15 is offered at more than 3,000 retail locations across 31 states. To find a station near you, go to GetBiofuel.com.

And Bigger Savings Across America

Fueling Freedom

Discover The Advantages of E15

  • Engine Performance

    Thoroughly tested and trusted by millions of drivers, E15 is driving performance and helping engines run cleaner without sacrificing fuel economy.

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  • Economic Advantages

    E15 fuels bigger savings at the pump and supports jobs, family farms and economic growth in hardworking communities across America.

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  • Energy Security

    E15 boosts our domestic fuel supply and energy independence by displacing imported oil with homegrown, renewable bioethanol made in America’s Heartland.

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  • Environmental Benefits

    By cutting climate and tailpipe emissions, E15 gives Americans a greener option to help us decarbonize transportation and improve air quality for everyone.

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America’s Fuel is a nationwide community of supporters, suppliers, and experts dedicated to showing the facts, sharing the benefits, and ensuring the freedom to fill up with E15.